Jessie’s Lounge opened September 16th, 2002 located at 118 3rd St SW, Originally the site of the 3rd Street Pub and Cinema.

Many people might be surprised to learn that Jessie is a young, female, business savvy entrepreneur from Winter Haven. She is civic minded and has established a reputation for her willingness to be involved in community affairs. She was born into the hospitality industry with her grandparents and parents leading the way. After working in the business she set out to establish her own place. Jessie Skubna and her business partners Steve and Mary Jensen (her Mother) invested in the downtown area of Winter Haven before it became the popular place to be.

Ultimately they were able to purchase the entire building and in December of 2015 they opened “Jensen’s Corner Bar” named for her parents and partners, this bar is a non-smoking venue offering a good selection of wine and craft beers on tap.

The back patio expands the space and features an original wall mural of a big bass guitar “Goldie” was painted by Mark Hanna to honor musician Ralph Ameduri. Jessie has always supported both musicians and artists. She has an extensive collection of artwork displayed in both Jessie’s and Jensen’s. She has brought nationally known musical acts to the area.

Many people are impressed with the original brick walls and the long photograph from Winter Haven’s historical archives that runs the length of the interior space, You will almost always see someone studying the photograph taken in 1926, looking for the landmarks and placement of the buildings in our downtown and being amazed and often surprised. Jessie’s and Jensen’s building is in the photograph.

Both Jessie’s and Jensen’s are great venues for music and events. Every week you can come to Jessie’s and be a part of “Jim and Judy’s big Ass Jam” which gives musicians a forum and space to jam, it is a regular Wednesday night thing starting around 7pm, all musicians are welcomed and encouraged.

Both bars are available for events, parties and special occasions. They are connected on the back by a walkway from one patio to the other giving people the opportunity to mingle and enjoy two completely different atmospheres.